college math is the first time ive done well in a math class tbh

How to Get Away With Murder (01x01) - Wes Gibbins

"I kinda had a weird night. Could use a drink. Or ten."

anyway my internet has been excruciatingly slow lately, thus my lack of internet presence. going to try and buy a new router to fix it it but idk when i’ll have working internet again. :*(

in other news why are ppl still commenting on my yj fancast………………..

lookin tough in between classes the other day~

Secret Origins #2



as it was shown yesterday to the cover of X-men #10, Monet is getting a new costume.

and this is the new design.

now, ill be frank this one was tough in the fact that the concept was incredibly vague on many levels.

the first, when i was doing my research and looking at all of her old costumes, there weren’t any common visual themes that ran through them. her costume would change drastically with each incarnation, and even with each of them, there was never an iconic element to them. 

the second was that brian wood, jeanine schaeffer and i all really liked the implantation of white into the costume with her most recent costume. so that was something we definitely wanted to keep.

this book now marks a new chapter for monet, so we thought a new costume was in order. I wanted to keep it simple as well. 

I increased the amount of white in the costume to sort of show a “fresh/rejuvenation” to her. i kind of wanted this to read as a clean start. but the black and red tubing was a really good look from her last costume, so i didn’t want to get rid of that.

I also really wanted to hammer the point home that she’s coming to the X-men, so what better than to make a costume that joins side by side with the storm and psylocke costume i also designed, who are also on the same team as her now, than to throw a giant X on her haha. Plus I liked where the cut between the black and white happen. I wanted to keep it away from a penguin-y look (which i kept remember the mara costume that ming doyle design which is fabulous and i really didn’t want to step on her toes). 

I wanted her to look athletic as well. She’s generally a brawler, so I wanted to show that. not a lot of fuss on the costume. and i went with something different for the boots just to not have standard looking boots. a lot of what decided the direction i was gonna go was simply not trying to be standard; the boots, the sleeve length, the gloves etc.

also, i should make note because both brian and jeanine called me out on it, is to how weird it is to see monet smile so much. but hey, what i can i say, i like my heroes happy haha.

better hold her, gang